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The Hope Foundation

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The Hope Foundation 

What is hope?

It is a motion by which the heart desireth the good fortune.

The HOPE Foundation supports the principles of volunteerism and philanthropy shown by the Fellows and Members of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow since its formation in 1599. The HOPE Foundation is a charity that enables the collective power of the College's community to make a real difference to health related projects locally, nationally and internationally through fundraising, grant-making and disseminating learning from funded projects to membership.

In this short video, Dr Morven McElroy sits down for a conversation with Mrs Alison Lannigan, who is a consultant surgeon, previous Surgical Vice-President at the College, and Chair of the Hope Foundation.They discuss the core values of the HOPE Foundation and how they are influecned by the words of Peter Lowe all those years ago. They also chat about the challenges that the pandemic has brought to their professions and how moments of hope can always be found even in the darkest of times.

Learn more about the HOPE Foundation here and how you can donate to their projects.