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Support HOPE

The HOPE Foundation is the College’s charitable foundation. 100% of donations to HOPE go directly towards health-related projects locally, nationally and internationally.

All of our Medical Heritage Events are in support of the HOPE Foundation. To find out more and to support HOPE, visit:

Medical Heritage Events

Each year the Heritage Team delivers a series of medical heritage events to showcase some of our incredible medical history collections, and explore the history of medicine in Glasgow and beyond! The Medical Heritage Events programme features a range of fascinating talks, interactive workshops, and engaging open afternoons.

Our events programme for February to June 2023 will be announced soon!

Previous Events

The heritage department holds a series of events as part of their engagement programmes, which run biannually from January to June and September to December. The following video playlists are of past recorded events, including our popular “Reframed” series of events addressing issues of equality, diversity, and inclusion within heritage collections.