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An inquiry into the causes and effects of the variolae vaccinae : a disease discovered in some of the western counties of England, particularly Gloucestershire, and known by the name of the cow pox

Vaccination: finding the 'perfect disease'

This exhibition uncovers the story of the College’s role in vaccination since its discovery in 1796. When Edward Jenner discovered...
Jamini Sen

Admitting Women

"Admitting Women" was a temporary art installation within the College Hall of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of...
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Coffee Cup

Words of Hope and Kindness

When the College’s founder Peter Lowe wrote about his motivations to improve standards of healthcare in the 16th century, his...
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Photograph Album - Scottish Women's Hospital

Scottish Women's Hospital

Within the College's heritage collection is a unique item relating to the Scottish Women's Hospitals- a photo album collated by...
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De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Septem

Our Science and Art

“Our Science and Art: Visualising the Human Body” was originally launched as a physical exhibition in September 2018. This exhibition...
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Christmas at Mearnskirk

Mearnskirk Hospital

The items of Dr Alexander and Elizabeth Dale make up a significant part of our archive collection and provide a...
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Joseph Lister is My New Flatmate

Lister's Glasgow

Glasgow has a great medical heritage, with many pioneers of fundamental medical practices having worked in the city. One such...
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Photographs of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary from Cathedral Square

Glasgow Hospitals

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow has played a key role in every aspect of healthcare in...
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Photograph of Barbara Watson

Great Minds

2019 marked the 140th anniversary of the first successful brain tumour operation performed by Glasgow surgeon, William Macewen. This exhibition...
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Surgical Theatre

The Victorian Faculty

The Victorian Faculty is the current exhibition in the College's Lower Library. Take a look through the different sections to...
Wills's Cigarette card

Found in Books

Sometimes if you don't have a proper bookmark handy, anything else will suffice. These items were taken from the hospital...
Portrait of Maister Peter Lowe

Maister Peter Lowe - Our Founder and his Legacy

Find out more about the life and legacy of Maister Peter Lowe, the founder of the Royal College of Physicians...
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