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Thank You

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Thank You! 

We would like to take this time to thank the many contributors who have so kindly donated to the exhibition. With their words, photographs, and artwork, we are very grateful for every donation that we have received. 

Dr Omer Bin Abdul Aziz

Mr Nicholas Graham Beacher

Jane Chiodini

Dr Kirsty Colquhoun

Kirsty Follett

Dr Christine Goodall

Dr Richard Hull

Dr Linda Irvine

Dave Jennings

Dr Emadeldin Seedahmed Elsiddig Kardman

Mrs Alison Lannigan

Dr Moira Leng

Julia McAulay

Dr Morven McElroy

Antonia McTernan

Dr Humera Mahmood

Dr Hazel Miller

Mr Muhammad Asif Raza

Dr Subramanian Sivarajan

Mr Edmund Tek Wee Tan

Professor Jackie Taylor

Miss Christina Yip

Dr Mohammed Zuhaib