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Our Voices

“As I am living in one of the peripheral and far flung mountainous area of Pakistan and working in only available secondary care hospital of the area where I have to give all emergency surgical services to poor patients who came after travelling day and night what motivates is seeing smile on their faces after treatment given to them.”

Muhammad Asif Raza, 2020. Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon, Skardu, Pakistan


"I learnt that if everyone does their bit we can get through the toughest of times & that even when you are not at your strongest let the people round about you help."

Lesley, 2020. Dental Nurse Team Leader. 



"I hope that there will come a day when we could all live in peace and harmony with each other and our environment

so that we can leave this world in a better shape than we found."

Dr Safdar Alam, 2020. Consultant Ophthalmologist, United Kingdom. 



"Cure, occasionally. Relieve sometimes. Comfort always. Never to harm."

Dr Sufi Muhammad Suhail, 2020. Consultant in Renal Medicine, Singapore. 


"Clearly this has been a difficult and sometimes lonelytime for all, and I think it is important to check others are ok."

- Sarah, 2020. Specialist Oral Surgeon. 


"I never stop being amazed by people's courage and strength to deal their situation." 

Mr Nicholas Graham Beacher, 2020. Clinical University Lecturer, United Kingdom. 



"Make every day count."

Professor Muthukumaran Rangarajan, 2020. Consultant Surgeon, Cayman Islands. 



"Resilience and effective team working is invaluable and with determination and passion we can overcome so many challenges." 

- Anjali, 2020. SAS Oral Surgeon.