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Letter from J. Stevenson to William Macewen


Letter from Stevenson to Macewen to arrange a check up on progress.

"9 Brisbane Street, Greenock, 7th December 1914.

Dear Sir,
I was a patient under you in Ward 15 for 6 weeks in the spring of this year, and underwent an operation for the removal of the little toe on my right foot, owing to long standing skin disease.
When able to go home, you on two occasions asked me to come back, and let you see me in about six months’ time. So if you let me know any day that would suit you either this week or next. I would be very pleased to come up.
I may say that the foot healed up beautifully, and I have been back at my work since the end of June, and have enjoyed many good long walks without any ill effects. And I feel I cannot express how grateful I am, for all the benefit I have got while under your care.

Yours sincerely,

James Stevenson

P.S. I left the hospital on the 2nd of May."


J. Stevenson


c. 1914


RCPSG 10/1A/127

Letter from J. Stevenson to William Macewen


10-1A-127-1_Macewen Stevenson.jpg
10-1A-127-2_Macewen Stevenson.jpg



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