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Jessie MacLaren MacGregor


The second image is courtesy of Lothian Health Services Archive, Edinburgh University Library.

Pictured here is a portrait that represents the life and work of Jessie MacLaren MacGregor as part of the College's "Admitting Women" exhibition.

Dr Jessie MacLaren MacGregor wrote to the College in 1905 asking: ‘First on what grounds women were held to be ineligible for the Fellowship, and, secondly, if their hindrance might possibly be reviewed.’ Her request was refused. MacGregor was one of the first women to be awarded a medical degree from the University of Edinburgh, yet the College refused to acknowledge her status as a qualified doctor, referring to her as ‘Miss’ throughout the discussion.

MacGregor was one of the founders of The Hospice, a maternity hospital for the care of working class women in Edinburgh. She also practiced at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

Jessie MacLaren MacGregor


Jessie MacLaren MacGregor
Jessie MacLaren MacGregor



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