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3D Model of Osteotome


Displayed here is a 3D animated model showing the mechanism of an osteotome, a medical instrument designed by Sir William Macewen.

William Macewen was a surgeon in Glasgow during the late 19th century and early 20th century. He pioneered many clinical specialities, including orthopaedics. He designed his version of the osteotome in the 1870s, and wrote an in depth account of its design in his publication, "Osteotomy with an inquiry into the aetiology and pathology of knock-knee, bow-leg, and other osseous deformities of the lower limbs."

He explains:

"The osteotome is an instrument of the chisel order, bevelled on both sides, so as to resemble a very slender wedge...The osteotome is used only for making simple incisions, or wedge-shaped openings without removal of bone."

3D Model of Osteotome


3D Model of Osteotome


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