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Portrait of Kirsty Follett


Pictured here is a portrait of Kirsty Follett, a nurse who has worked in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde region of the NHS for over 30 years. This portrait was captured after a 12 hour shift during the Covid pandemic, showing the effect these conditions had on the staff - mentally and physically draining, skin raw and marked from masks held tight, often exacerbated with sweat, tears and genuine concern for those they were treating.

About the experience, Kirsty said:

"I worked between the intubation team and ICU. The adaptability was commendable that the staff put into ICU. 100% working out with their comfort zone.However the support from colleagues in the same position helped. It was stressful, as never having to deal with the likes we have never seen before.Our patients were so critically ill. The acute sense of upset for families not being there with their loved ones at their greatest time of need will be something that will live with me for a long time."

The portrait was done by Pearl Kinnear, a Glasgow-based artist.


Pearl Kinnear


c. 2020-2021

Portrait of Kirsty Follett


Portrait of Kirsty Follett



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